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TSEC633 Physically Cross Linked Polyethylene sheet (15mm Thick)

TSEC633 Physically Cross Linked Polyethylene sheet (15mm Thick)

TSEC633 is a physically cross linked medium density Polyethylene foam which has a fine regular cell structure along with smooth skin surfaces.

This material has good UV and ozone resistance, excellent thermal, sound and water absorption properties along with low water permeability. Rolls are 40mtr x 1000mm x 15mm

These can be bonded together to create a 30mm sheet, commonly used for potato landing sheet.

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Standard Next day carriage of £25 is included in the price of this product, please note this is always stock dependent at time of order.

Common Uses:

Thermo-formable Camping Mats,Vac formable Thermal Insulation, Flotation Purposes, Stadium Cushions, Sound Insulation, Inserts in Protective Clothing Wall Pads, Judo Mats, Gym Floor Underlayment, Kick Boards, Sealing of Dust & Vapour in Suspended Ceilings, Leisure Mats, Frost Blankets, Pipe Insulation, Shock Absorption Lining in Bags & Cases, Gaskets, Seals, Weather Stripping, Cervical Collars, Orthotic Device,s Aerobic Mats, Elbow/Knee Pads, Duct work Packaging, Carpet Underlayment Shielding, Wrestling Mats, Exercise Mats

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