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TSEC 809 Flocked Flat Window Channel

TSEC 809 Flocked Flat Window Channel

The Seal Extrusion Company Flat window channel, can be used in multitude of areas requiring a trim to fit into a channel.

The TSEC809 Flocked Flat Window Channel is designed to provide a smooth and quiet operation of the windows in your vehicle. It helps to prevent rattling and vibration while the windows are in use, providing a comfortable and quiet ride for the passengers.

The flocking material on the channel helps to reduce friction between the window and the channel, allowing for smoother and more efficient movement. This also helps to prevent wear and tear on the window and the channel over time.

This is 22mm wide, will push down into a channel, will fit about 4/5mm glass

Black Flocked Double Window Channel High quality flocked black window channel (Black)

Suitable for glass up to 5mm EPDM Rubber Material Suitable For: WINDOW CHANNELS on Cars, Vans, Van Conversions, Lorries, Motor homes, Caravans, Boats, Agricultural, Plant and many more.

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