TSEC - Glazing Rubbers 3 styles - Claytonrite


Solid EPDM Glazing Rubber up to 30mtrs available in one uncut length

Two Different sizes on here:

TSEC1069 6mm x 3mm x 23.5mm

TSEC1239 4.5mm x 4.5mm x 20mm

TSEC1371 3mm x 3mm x 20mm

TSEC-GLAZT Glazing Tool Standard

Priced per metre, so just put length required into qty box. ie QTY 4 = 4mtrs uncut length - the insert strip is included with either seal.

This glazing rubber is used for fitting things like Perspex, glass or acrylic into boats, cars, vans, tractors, lorries or more. Enables easy replacement of windows. We include the black filler strip to hold it in place.

To find your required size measure your glass and panel thickness and look up the closest size on the table.

We do recommended to bed the rubber in with a silicone sealant. To aid the fitting of the Filler Strip you will require a Glazing Tool - which we also stock.