Star Wars Stormtrooper / Tie Fighter / AT AT clip on helmet edging


STAR WARS: Stormtrooper Helmet Clip On Neck Edge trim Rubber Molding in rubber just like the original.

As you can see this molding is correct in every detail. The rubber molding is cut the correct length and ready for installation with only slight trimming. That's right we did the locating and cutting for you, so all you do is slip this seal over the edge of the base on your helmet.

You will not find the clip on neck trim of this quality at this price anywhere. This is for one clip on helmet neck edge trim only, Helmet not included.

Sold and priced by the metre, you will receive one metre of trim and this can be trimmed back for perfect fit

TRIM FITTING TIP: Before fitting either keep trim as warm as possible, placing in very hot water in bucket and taking out as fitting will keep the trim soft and supply allowing you to mould into nice clean curves and as it cools it will hold its shape nicely.