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Marine Flexible Engine Mounts 55kg to 300kg

Marine Flexible Engine Mounts 55kg to 300kg

Marine engine mounts are specially designed to isolate vibration and structural noise transmission from marine engines.


They are commonly used for internal combustion engines, gearboxes, pumps and motors amongst other types of equipment found on marine vessels.

These top quality marine engine mounts have Zinc plated steel casing and M12 or M16 bolts, these low profile designed units are easy to install using the bolt down method.

Designed to support thrust loads from propeller drive, Isolating vibration and noise.

The design incorporates an integral device which limits overload movement and provides a fail safe feature.

Each unit weighs 436g on the 55kg and 100kg & 860g on the larger units For shipping each unit is sent with threaded rod removed with nuts and washer in place on rod, to assemble remove one nut and washer, washer is fitted so it clamps against body as per picture.

55kg/100kg are M12 - 125kg/300kg are M16

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