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Expanded PTFE Sheet - High-Quality Gasket Material

Expanded PTFE Sheet - High-Quality Gasket Material

 Expanded PTFE Sheet is a versatile gasketing material offering a multi-dimensional structure and improved mechanical properties. Constructed from 100% pure PTFE, it boasts reliable resistance to elements like chemicals, heat, pressure, and creep. It can be easily tailored to any sealing surface, making it an ideal solution for pumps, valves, flanges, and pipes. Plus, it's approved for food contact and suitable for hygienic applications.

What is ePTFE? Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) tube is microporous so air-permeable, and is perfect for any applications that require a permeable material. As such, ePTFE is different to conventional PTFE. The material is soft and flexible.

Seals of up to 3000+psi can be achieved depending on the flange type & design and type of media being sealed. It is chemically resistant over the 0-14 pH range. Specific gravity: 4 to 6. It has a life expectancy exceeding 30 years.

Expanded PTFE is much softer and more flexible than regular PTFE gaskets and thus conforms easily to irregular and rough surfaces. The material is easier to compress and minimizes creep and cold flow.


  1. BAM

  2. DVGW

  3. Regulation EC 10/2011

  4. FDA

  5. TA Luft VDI 2440

  6. DIN 28090-1

  7. HOBT 1

  8. ASTM F36


    USP Elution CITOTOXICITY Approved.

No Minimum Quantity or Order Value

High quality ePTFE Gasket Sheet. Leading UK Suppliers. Expanded PolyTetraFluoroEthylene. Excellent chemical resistance. UV resistant. EN 13555

high-quality expanded PTFE sheets, ideal for gaskets and seals. Our products are durable and offer excellent chemical resistance.



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