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Thermofix & Thermocoll High Temp' Adhesive

Thermofix & Thermocoll High Temp' Adhesive

Thermofix & Thermocoll are special heat resistant glue for ropes and seals on Aga Cookers, Stoves and other products which require a heat proof adhesive. It comes in a 480ml / 800g tub.

Its formula containing alkaline silicates and mineral components provides a temperature resistance up to 1100°C. Applications Thermofix has a good adherence on the fibrous products, metals, refractories and on any kind of building material, that is why it can be used for: The fixing of packings (ceramic fibre, glass fibres, Ecomab fibres); The fixing of refractory products on metal parts subjected to the high temperatures; The joining of sheets, sleeves and other refractory products.

The assembly of refractory bricks in furnaces and heating appliances. Technical characteristics Form : consistent paste, non running Colour : beige PH : 11,5 ± 1,0 Viscosity Brookfield RVT-D : 1700 ± 500 Pa.s (to 1 tr/min and 20°C) Density : 1,81 ± 0,05 Dry extract : 72.5 ± 2 % Maximum granulometry of the loads lower than 100 microns Fireproof (does not release any fume)

Users Guidelines

• The supports must be cleaned and must be dust and grease free;

• Apply the Thermofix/Thermocoll on the parts that should be assembled (on the insulating materials, the glue can be applied using a trowel or a spatula);

• Position the parts that should be assembled by putting pressure on it for a few seconds to allow the glue to spread out and progress the transfer of the glue on the supports. In the case of fixing packings on inserts, deposit a cord of glue in the insert, then apply the packing to the glue and exert pressure to maintain it in place;

• Let it dry for approximately 48 hours at ambient temperature before going up gradually in temperature without putting the assembly at direct contact with the flame. The material should be cleaned with water. Storage At least 12 months closed in its original packing at a temperature ranging between +5°C and +30°C. A continuous prolonged storage at higher temperatures can, in certain cases, lead to deterioration of the characteristics of the product.

Available in small 17ml tubes, larger 70ml tubes and the 800g / 480ml tub

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