Thermapad Braided Soft Glass Packing - White - Round Section Door Seal


The glass braided packing is manufactured entirely from glass fibre yarns.

Temperature: +550°C (glass fibre)

The glass yarn reinforcement is rated up to +550°C

Key Features: Resistant to oils and solvents, excellent thermal insulation, lightweight, good chemical stability.

Non-combustible, resistant to thermal shock, excellent corrosion resistance and is not affected by bacterial growth.

Applications: Kiln, furnace, boiler and oven door seals.

The 3mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm are available in metre lengths 15mm - 30mm in 25mtr coils and 40mm in 15mtr coils. These larger coils may not always be on the shelf and delivery may be 3/5 days.