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Viton Rubber Sheet 100mm x 100mm sheets 1mm, 2mm,

Viton Rubber Sheet 100mm x 100mm sheets 1mm, 2mm,

100mm x 100mm Sheets
210°C to -30°C

Our Viton rubber sheet is a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer generally used for applications including the automotive trade where the transport of bio-diesel is required.

Other applications include chemical processing, heavy duty equipment, and were no breakdown of sealing properties are of paramount importance.

Viton sheet is an excellent choice of material where resistance to oil, petrol, acids and/or high temperatures are noticeable.

Coupled with this is the resistance of viton sheet to brittleness at sustained periods of heat exposure.

Viton sheet is also used where a temperature prevail of -30 to +250 degrees centigrade is required.

Viton rubber sheeting has a low permeability to gases, but is not suitable in applications requiring resistance to ketones and lacquer.

Viton is supplied in a black colour as standard

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