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The Seal Extrusion Company LTD

Premium Quality Graphite/PTFE Gland Packing for Pumps, Valves and Agitators

Premium Quality Graphite/PTFE Gland Packing for Pumps, Valves and Agitators

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Pure PTFE Braided Packing:

Our premier grade PTFE packing and available in 8 metre boxes from 4mm section up to 25mm.

Braided packing made of Pure PTFE thin yarn and is a pure non-contaminating product. 

This is almost resistant to all chemicals including strong acids and alkalis.

Well known for its use in the mechanical compression industry due to its flexibility for use in difficult applications.

Clean packing should be used where contamination of product must be avoided.
STYLE Cor-Pack 420P is made from special fibres and are therefore FDA-compliant

Recommended For: All services where organic lubricants cannot be used.

Supplied in 8m boxes up to 25mm which is supplied in 5m boxes. 

  • Valves
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Oil industry
  • Oxygen service
  • Chemical industry
  • Thermoelectric stations
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Food Plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper manufacturing

Pure Graphite Packing:

Supplied in 8m boxes up to 25mm

Our Pure Graphite premier grade packing and is available in 8 metre boxes from 3mm section up to 25mm.

This is premier braided from expanded graphite yarns. The compression packing material is suitable for elevated temperature applications and where thermal conductivity and low coefficient of friction is important.

Cor-Pack 400G is well known for reducing shaft wear and providing excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Due to the flexible nature and high elasticity of this product, minimum pressure is required to affect a seal.

Sizes, 3mm to 25mm Supplied in 8m boxes, and priced per 8m box

Data Rotating Reciprocating Valves
Pressure 20 Bar 100 Bar 300 Bar
Shaft Speed 20m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Density 1.0 - 1.1g/cm
Temperature -220/+550°C (650° with steam)
PH 0 - 14


We stock a standard range of Graphite & PTFE packing but can also supply specialist and a much larger range of gland packing POA, just sent us a request with sizes and qty required.

  • Pure PTFE
  • PTFE and acrylic
  • Pure graphite
  • Pure graphite with Inconel wire reinforcement
  • Pan fibre
  • Pure carbon packing
  • Aramid fibre with PTFE lubricant
  • Aramid fibre with PTFE corners
  • GFO PTFE and graphite
  • GFO with aramid corners
  • Flax, cotton as well as greased hemp
  • Valve stem in graphite and PTFE
  • Glass fibre
  • Ramie fibres

For further information regarding our products, please contact us on +44 (0)1787 827070, alternatively email

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