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Fireseal Acoustic Foam Sheets

Fireseal Acoustic Foam Sheets

Fireseal is an open cell acoustic foam which offers excellent sound absorption characteristics.

This material has the ability to act as a membrane absorber across the full frequency spectrum including low, mid and high frequencies. In addition to this, Fireseal also contains anti-bacterial and fungal additives which makes it a great choice for air conditioning manufactures and lining ducting.

Typical applications include: Acoustic enclosures Sound absorption in marine engine rooms and panels within the construction industry Generator and compressor enclosures Construction projects Ventilation ductwork and equipment

Properties of Fireseal include:
  • ASTM 2-2020-92 Mildew (Fungus) Resistance – Does not support growth
  • ASTM G21-96 Fungus Resistance – Does not support growth
  • Low Smoke
  • Very low flammability
  • Meets European Standard EN 13501-1 B-s l, d0
  • No droplets


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