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Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape - made of 100% virgin PTFE, which undergone a process of expansion, which makes them almost unlimited chemical resistance.

The production process of PTFE tape, provide a high level of structure fibrillation, so that the tape has not only characteristic softness of sealing materials but also high mechanical strength, like fiber materials. The tapes are available both form of profiles, as round, square and rectangular with a self-adhesive layer, which allows their direct montage on installation in a vertical position and under difficult conditions


The PTFE tapes because of expansion processing and acquire new specific physical properties for ease of installation, such as softness, flexibility and compressibility.

Wide operating temperature range, resistance both to cryogenic conditions and up to 260°C, decomposition over 340 °C. •

Applicable for both vacuum conditions as well as at high pressures up to 200 bars. •

Resistance to all chemical compounds in the pH 0-14 range with exception of molten alkali metals and elementary fluorine. •

PTFE tape is self-extinguishing and nonflammable, according to UL 94 class V-0. •

It is physiologically inert and safe for contact with foodstuffs, meets the high requirements of the latest EU Directive 10/2011. The strips and profiles can be applied to all types of flanges made of various materials like steel, copper, aluminium, ferrous metal alloys.

Due to the very low initial pressure forming at 5 N/mm2 are also suitable for sealing joints with brittle or soft materials, such as plastics, epoxy composites, glass, ceramics in all industries.

The tape can easily adapt even to the most complex shapes, it can be easily to cut and shape and montage is easy, fast and does not generate waste. Our tapes guarantee a proper sealing on uneven surface or in strongly worn joints.

Coil sizes:
5mm x 40mtr, 7mm x 25mtr, 10mm x 10mtr, 12mm x 25mtr, 14mm x 17mtr, 17mm x 12m, 20mm x 8mtr, 25mm x 8mtr
PTFE tape
ePTFE tape
Expanded PTFE joint sealant tape
PTFE gasket tape
PTFE sealing tape
PTFE joint sealant tape
PTFE thread seal tape
PTFE adhesive tape
PTFE foam tape
PTFE insulation tape
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