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Vitcas High Temp' Adhesive 310ml Cart

Vitcas High Temp' Adhesive 310ml Cart

VITCAS CFA Ceramic Fibre Adhesive is used with all types of ceramic fibre products; blankets, boards, modules and other insulation products to adhere them to bricks, cement or metalwork. Examples of application include lining the sides of a forge and insulating a wood burning oven.

Vitcas CFA Ceramic Fibre Adhesive is a high temperature adhesive for sticking ceramic fibre blanket, boards, modules and paper  to brickwork, pizza ovens or metal surfaces.


  • Fixing Ceramic Fibre Blanket and modules to brickwork or metal
  • Fixing Ceramic Fibre Blanket to pizza ovens
  • Fixing Ceramic Fibre Boards
  • Fixing Ceramic Fibre Paper
  • Fixing Mica boards to metal 


Make sure the area is clean and that all dirt, dust, rust and grease is removed.
Then apply the ceramic fibre material onto the substrate.
The CFA will set at room temperature but this process is accelerated by the action of heat.

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