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TSEC 115 PVC Large Side Seal With Small Fins - Self Grip

TSEC 115 PVC Large Side Seal With Small Fins - Self Grip

Combination of PVC Edge protector with bonded sponge rubber, these profiles have a dual function of covering sharp or unfinished edges and a sealing function.

The sponge rubber is extremely flexible and are suitable for sealing doors, hatches
and numerous other applications.

Consists of a U-shaped metal base, covered with a PVC jacket. These guarantee a tight grip on the edge, even on radius and tight bends, the clamping is improved by the PVC outer jacket. They can be pressed on by hand or with a soft rubber or thermoplastic hammer, glues or special attachments are not required, and installation is simple and quick.

Grips Material 1mm - 5mm thick


The self-grip mechanism holds them in place, and the soft sponge bulb/lip ensures that an efficient seal is made.

PVC is an excellent material for use when chemical and UV resilience is required, it also has good physical characteristics including resistance to corrosion. Temperature range: -20°C to +40°C
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