TSEC® Y Grade Non Asbestos Sheet


1500mm x 1000mm Sheets:  

Please note these sheets carry at shipping charge of £17.50 for mainland UK.

Approvals / Compliance

WRAS Potable Water: Registration No. 1406527

Complies with BS Specification 7531

Grade Y Available: 0.8mm, 1.5mm & 3mm thickness

Media: Water, steam, solutions of: salt, weak acid, alkali; natural gas, technical propane-butane, Oils, fuels (by the aromatic hydrocarbons content up to 2%)

Allowable Pressure - 65 Bar Maximal Continuous Temperature -: 250°C

Maximum Continuous Temperature in Steam - :200°C

Maximum Peak Temperature - 400°C Density (max +/- 5%) - 2.0g/cmᶟ

Tensile Resistance Cross Fibre (min) - 8Mpa

Compressibility (at 35 Mpa/20°C) - 5 to 15%

Elastic recovery (min/20°C) - 40%

Thickness increase of material: in distilled water - 2% in model oil N°3 (150°C after 5h) - 9% max in model fuel B(20°C after 5h) - 9% max