TSEC Flat Stove Rope Self Adhesive - Black or White


Stove Rope Thermal Seal is used for sealing and jointing purposes where a temperature resistance is required. It is commonly used when jointing flue systems to the appliance and also as a seal around the inside of stove doors.


  • All 25mtr Rolls
  • 12mm/25mm width 3mm Thick With Self Adhesive Backing Tape for ease of installation
  • It is lightweight and resilient with excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • It also has low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability and is resistant to thermal shock.
  • Sealing rings Stove Glass Expansion joint packing on boilers Chimney door seals Heat ex-changer seals Furnace seals Kiln seals Oven door seals Bulbs for tadpole seal, Glass surround seal.
  • Adhesive burns off at around 70° allowing seal to expand and fill gap, adhesive is only used whilst placing to allow easy fitting.
  • Available in Black or White, please note the black is as shown in picture, graphite black so not jet black.