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PE FOAM TAPE 15mm x 6mm x 15mtr coils - Single Sided Adhesive

PE FOAM TAPE 15mm x 6mm x 15mtr coils - Single Sided Adhesive

PE Foam Gasket Tape (self adhesive) made from a medium density polyethylene foam. These come in rolls that are reverse wound in order to prevent unravelling and wastage on site. 

The fixed liner acts as a low friction protective surface ideal for ductwork and air conditioning applications. Gasket tape can be stuck to flange without slippage or movement to create a seal, virtually assuring airtight joints. 

Key Features of Polyethylene (PE) Foam includes:

Excellent strength, resistance to creep under load, vibration and shock absorbency and water resistance characteristics. It is a cost-effective cushioning agent for packaging applications.

Specific Uses for PE Foam:

Packaging, surface protection, cold chain, automotive, sports & leisure, void fill, medical, construction, military, blocking & bracing, floor underlayment, recreational, agriculture, archery target.

Single-sided PE foam tape is a  foam carrier with a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side (low tack). The foam carrier is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam, which provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties.

The adhesive layer is an acrylic-based, which provides a low tack adhesion to surfaces for placement on a variety of surfaces.

PE foam tape is commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as mounting and bonding of lightweight materials, sealing of gaps and joints, and insulation of pipes and ducts. Its foam carrier allows it to conform to irregular surfaces, providing a strong and reliable bond. Additionally, the tape's high-density foam structure provides good resistance to water, solvents, and UV light, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

PE foam tape is easy to use and can be easily cut to size with scissors or a knife. Its versatility and excellent performance make it a popular choice for many industries, including automotive, construction, and electronics.


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