Graphite Gasket Sheeting 1mm x 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr - Foil reinforced or Tanged Reinforced


Tanged and Foil Graphite Gasket Sheeting | High-Quality Sealing Solutions

Explore our range of tanged and foil graphite gasket sheeting for superior sealing performance. Get durable and reliable gasket materials today.

Introducing a high-performance gasket material: Flexible Graphite Sheets enhanced with a Stainless Steel 316 Tanged Steel or Foil Insert. This composite material seamlessly combines the outstanding properties of expanded graphite with the robustness of stainless steel, offering exceptional strength, creep resistance, chemical stability, and superior sealing capabilities.

Designed for critical applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries, particularly in conditions of high surface loads and operating pressures, this material excels, even when exposed to challenging environments, such as high-temperature steam.

Notably, flexible graphite is non-combustible, ensuring safety even in the presence of ignition sources. Moreover, it maintains surface pressure integrity when sealing potentially hazardous media.

With a remarkable temperature range spanning from a frigid -200°C to an impressive 2500°C, these Flexible Graphite Gaskets are the reliable choice for extreme temperature applications.