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Double-D-Fender / Rub Rails - Made to Order

Double-D-Fender / Rub Rails - Made to Order

The Double D Fender is crafted from resilient neoprene, capable of absorbing impacts to provide superior shock absorption compared to metal or wooden rub rails, which can transfer the shock instead.

Versatile in application, the Double D Fender is suitable for use on a wide range of vehicles and surfaces, including ambulances, furniture vans (interior or exterior), caravans, garage walls, boat gunwales (both river and sea-going), supermarket displays, factory bays, and loading trolleys.

While these specialized sizes are not part of our standard stock, they can be custom-made to order within 7-10 days. Please feel free to inquire about production times.

These are all full coil sizes:

SRD102: 30mtrs - 32mm x 16mm

SRD103F: 24mtrs - 38mm x 19mm

SRD103A: 36mtrs - 38mm x 13mm

SRD104: 18mtrs - 51mm x 25mm

SRD105S: 30mtrs - 60mm x 14mm

SRD106: 12mtrs - 76mm x 32mm

Please note that SRD105S & 106 are extremely heavy coils and require pallet delivery.

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