Collection: TSEC Non Asbestos Sheet Y Grade

V300 non-asbestos gaskets are manufactured from TSEC's own medium-duty gasket material.  All sheets are 1500mm x 1000mm

Owing to its natural rubber content, the sheet is flexible and adapts more easily to curvatures and irregularities of the flanges.

Specially recommended for water and steam systems, both in heating engineering, power engineering and municipal economy.

The sheet is resistant to oils, brake fluid and cooling fluid.

Approvals / Compliance WRAS Potable Water: Registration No. 1406527 Complies with BS Specification 7531 Grade Y Available: 0.8mm, 1.5mm & 3mm thickness Media: Water, steam, solutions of: salt, weak acid, alkali; natural gas, technical propane-butane, Oils, fuels (by the aromatic hydrocarbons content up to 2%)

Allowable Pressure - 65 Bar

Maximum Continuous Temperature -: 250°C

Maximum Continuous Temperature in Steam - :200°C

Maximum Peak Temperature - 400°C Density (max +/- 5%) - 2.0g/cmᶟ

Tensile Resistance Cross Fibre (min) - 8Mpa Compressibility (at 35 Mpa/20°C) - 5 to 15% Elastic recovery (min/20°C) - 40%

Thickness increase of material: in distilled water - 2% in model oil N°3 (150°C after 5h) - 9% max in model fuel B(20°C after 5h) - 9% max