TSEC-PM Soldering Mats / Plumbers Pads - 250mm x 250mm


TSEC Plumbers Soldering Mat is a high temperature, Asbestos free protective heat mat for plumbing and soldering applications.

Ideal for use with DIY and light trade, including soft soldering and plumbing applications. Our mat can with stand temp's of up to 550°C and will offer protection to surfaces against burn marks and heat damage.

Ideally the naked flame should not come into direct contact with the surface of the mat for prolonged periods. If the surface of the mat begins to glow just move slightly so that the flame is redirected to a new unheated area.

Just use common sense.

Always use the same side to face the flame to keep the reverse side clean against the surface being protected. If an area is to be exposed to heat for extended periods we recommended the use of two heat mats, layered for improved protection. This will provide a better protection.

Can be used with both Butane and Propane. Size: 250 x 250mm. (cutting tolerances on mat maybe 10% + or -)

These mat's are hand made in the UK, we can offer a few different types of these mat's and we can also offer bulk discounts, please just ask.