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PVC HOSE Clear Flexible Reinforced Braided - OIL / WATER

PVC HOSE Clear Flexible Reinforced Braided - OIL / WATER

Reinforced PVC Braided Hose to BS6066

Temperature range –20°C to +65°C Manufactured from top quality “virgin” PVC compound.

This braided hose is ideal for factory airlines, fluid systems and many industrial applications.

Reinforced with a high tensile quality polyester yarn, this PVC hose offers high working pressures and extreme flexibility.

PVC is chemically compatible with Diesel Fuel, Methanol and Sodium Hydroxide.

Applications such as Water supply and draining, Transfer of various fluids and powder Compressed Air , Supplying water, gas, oil etc in agriculture, aquaculture, fish fishing, water treatment and industry and more.

Characteristics Excellent abrasion resistance Flexibility good High resistance to alkalis/acids Silicone Cadmium free Low toxicity Transparency excellent Manufactured to comply with BS EN 150 5774:2008

Link to FDA Approved Food Grade Hose


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