TSEC-AGALID Mesh Lid Seal A1863 Suitable for Aga Cookers - Aga SPARES PARTS


These wire rope lid seals are a purpose fit for all Aga range cooker domes - any model.

PLEASE NOTE: These seals are priced individually, unless stated ie 2 packs, 3 packs & 4 Packs.

To fit clean out the recess it fits into and apply a thin bead of high heat silicone all round. Position the new seal so the joint is at the hinge area and firmly push into place.

Close lid for a couple of minutes. Note Silicone gives off a smell when curing so ventilate the area until it clears.

These seals are jointed with a heatproof tape that should be left on as it covers the stapled joint.

These are the same seals supplied to just about every dealer in the UK, but they are charging anything up to £40 each!