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Electrical Matting

Electrical Matting

Electrical safety mats play a crucial role in safeguarding individuals from the hazards of high voltages. These mats, also referred to as electrical insulation mats or switchboard matting, are designed to provide protection in environments where electricity is present.


  1. What Is an Electrical Safety Mat?

    • An electrically insulated rubber mat specifically designed to shield you and your colleagues from electrical shocks.
    • Not only does it protect against live electrical equipment, but it also guards against faulty electrical equipment.
  2. Why Do Electrical Safety Mats Protect You?

    • These mats insulate you from earth contact, allowing you to work safely with live electrical equipment.
    • They are essential for minimizing the risk of electric shock.
  3. Choosing the Right Electrical Safety Mat:

    • Consider the working voltage within your environment to determine the level of protection needed.
    • The higher the voltage, the greater the protection required.
    • Ensure that the electrical safety mat adheres to the British Standards Institute (BSI) Recognised Industry Standards:
      • IEC61111 2009 and BS EN61111 2009.
    • Each mat is colour-coded to indicate its class and maximum working voltage:
      • Mat Class 0: Maximum working voltage of 1000 V (Colour coded Red).
      • Mat Class 1: Maximum working voltage of 7500 V (Colour coded White).
      • Mat Class 2: Maximum working voltage of 17000 V (Colour coded Yellow).
      • Mat Class 3: Maximum working voltage of 26500 V (Colour coded Green).
      • Mat Class 4: Maximum working voltage of 36000 V (Colour coded Orange).

Spec Sheets

Electrical Resistance Matting

Remember, using certified electrical safety mats ensures your well-being and compliance with safety standards

Available in 1MX10m rolls only

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