TSEC Graphite or PTFE Gland Packing


PTFE Packing:

White packing made of 100% virgin PTFE with high purity. Designed for use in dynamic and static seals in hygienic condition also for work in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Packing has health quality approval up to 260°C (acc. EU 10/2011).

Graphite Packing:

Gland packing made of a 99% purity expanded graphite, secured by the inhibitor from a galvanic corrosion risk. Designed for sealing of water impeller pumps, chemicals and petroleum compounds up to 450 °C, except strongly oxidizing and abrasive media.

Gland packings are a traditional method of sealing pumps, valves and other equipment in rotary motion. Through use the latest achievements of material engineering and high-performance components, the modern packings are not a health hazard and have a long working life. Our gland packings are made in Europe and have been supplied by the same company since 1994.