What is ex-stock delivery and why is it important?

What is ex-stock delivery and why is it important?

Customers who require our clamps quickly can be assured of a swift and efficient service.

The term ex-stock refers to goods which are available immediately from a supplier’s stock-holding and, therefore, can be sent to customers with little or no lead time – other than the time it takes to deliver them.

React speedily to client orders Here at JCS we keep a large stock of our products on-site, stored in our warehouse in Suffolk.

This arrangement means customers who need our clamps quickly know they will arrive as soon as possible.

We understand how essential our clamps are to businesses from numerous sectors – be it automotive and marine operators, or agricultural and pharmaceutical companies – so we have set ourselves up to react speedily when client orders come in.

Large orders for our clamps and clips can be packaged up and ready to go within the hour, so that our delivery partner APC can get them on the road.

We deliver throughout the UK and abroad, and where possible we aim for next day delivery or same day if required.

Lower cost of production Another significant advantage of keeping substantial ex-stock is that it enables production costs to be kept down.

We have considerable room to store our products on-site we can plan longer production runs without having to configure our machinery for different size clamps and clips.

This means the cost per unit is kept down – a saving we pass onto our customers. If you would like to know how the JCS range can benefit you, then please contact us on +44 (0)1787 827070 or email sales@sealextrusions.co.uk

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