Food Grade Anti Static Hose - Norplast 385 - 10mtr coils


Made from premium-grade anti-static Pre-PUR polyurethane, reinforced with a tough, flexible PVC helix.

Applications: multipurpose suction and delivery hose.

For abrasive materials, e.g. dust, powders, granules, fibres and pellets.

Suitable for plastics industries, abrasive recovery, blown insulation, woodworking, etc.

• Gas and liquid tight

• Permanently anti-static wall, <109Ω

• Phthalates free

• Lightweight, highly flexible, smooth bore

• Excellent abrasion resistance

• High tensile strength and tear resistance

• Small bend radius

• Good resistance to chemicals

• Flame retardant to DIN 4102-B1 Use clamp type 208/211

 Applications • airport, airplane, rail vehicles, trains, railways, boats, ships/ vessels, yachts: toilet discharging/ disposal • extraction or conveying in explosion hazard areas, electrostatic discharging/ antistatic/ electrically conductive hoses • welding masks: breathing air respirator, breathing hose (special type on request) • textile industry, fiber extraction: spinning machines, knitting machines, weaving loom machines • animal stalls, animal sheds: feeding stuff conveying, feedstuff plants • construction industry: insulation-blowing systems • wood dust extraction (DIN4102-B1): wood dust, wood chips, furniture production, saw mills • wood dust extraction (DIN4102-B1): vertical panel saws, saws, woodworking machinery, edge processing machines, parquet flooring grinding machines • shot blasting/ sand blasting return e.g. at blasting chambers, ship yards • surface preparation: shot blasting/ sand blasting return e.g. at stripping machines, flooring preparation machines, grinding machines • X-ray machines: cable protection conduit (special type on request) • X-ray machines: cable protection conduit, air supply hose • medical devices/ medical technology, healthcare sector: cable protection conduit, air supply hose, extraction hose • municipal vehicles: sweepers, small/ large street sweeping machines • municipal vehicles: lawn mowers, mowing machines, slope mowers, leaf blowers/ leaf collectors • scrubber, floor cleaning machines Properties • the wall is permanently capable of electrostatic discharge owing to the non-migrating antistatic material: electrical and surface resistance approx. 10⁹ Ω • light model • abrasion-proof (abrasion resistance about 2.5 to 5 times better than most rubber materials and about 3 to 4 times better than most soft PVCs) • smooth interior • flexible • good resistance to chemicals • good resistance to UV and ozone • small bending radiuses • free of phthalat • gas and liquid tight • flame-retardant according to: DIN 4102-B1 • conform to RoHS guideline Temperature Range • -20°C to 70°C • short time to 80°C Design,

Material NORPLAST® full plastic hose 1. hard plastic spiral integrated in wall; spiral: rigid PVC 2. smooth interior; wall: antistatic soft polyurethane Delivery variants