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EPDM Sponge Strip - Scrim Self Adhesive Backed - High Bonding

EPDM Sponge Strip - Scrim Self Adhesive Backed - High Bonding

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a versatile, technical material regarded for its impressive resistance to ozone and Ultra Violet, this cellular rubber is able to perform in high temperatures (80°c, 100°c intermittent) and low temperatures (-40°c) enabling it to excel in harsh weather conditions. In addition to this EPDM provides a waterproof seal, thermal durability, and electrical resistivity making it an ideal candidate for construction, electrical engineering and automotive applications.

Acrylic Scrim adhesive tapes are constructed from an open-weave material creating a ladder or sometimes diamond patterned mesh, which is then used as a carrier to hold the adhesive (acrylic glue). This adhesive is then coated onto a release liner ready for use in bonding and laminating applications, with the scrim used in the adhesive providing reinforcement and preventing stretching of the material.

Our Acrylic Scrim adhesive tapes are perfect use with sponge and foam applications as the acrylic glue provides a high level of adhesive, whilst the scrim or mesh carrier add dimensional stability making the adhesive or sponge/foam strip it is applied to strong, easier to work with and more conformable for use with uneven surfaces.

The acrylic demonstrates excellent UV and weather resistance and high adhesion strength even when used with the scrim liner as the structure of the mesh allows for the adhesive to pass through.

If you would like prices for bulk packs of Scrim tape sponge in different sizes please just ask.


Benefits of using Acrylic Scrim Adhesive

  • Strong adhesive strength 
  • Robust 
  • Long Lasting
  • Stretch resistant and conformable 
  • Better performance properties
  • Formulated for use on cellular or uneven materials and surfaces


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