Featured Product - Bar Stool Trim

Featured Product - Bar Stool Trim

The TSEC bar stool trim has been around for quite a few years now, a very simple cheap and effective replacement for the original hard plastic trims fitted to many stool bases, but tends to be brittle, breaks easily and expensive to replace.

Using our non marking PVC trims we can offer a simple solution that can be applied to any round base stools.

They are easily applied, we supply in metre lengths so just measure the circumference of your stool base, rough fit trim and mark and cut for a perfect fit, if you wish the ends can also be joined together with a strong adhesive to create a one piece ring.

We supply them in various colours, Black, White, Blue, Red & Grey and they are also available in standard and heavy duty, heavy duty better for high use areas.

Its a simple and easy repair or replacement for stools that can be fitted by anyone very easily and quickly.

TSEC2177 Bar Stool Trim (standard Black) — The Seal Extrusion Company LTD (sealextrusions.com)

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