TSEC-KRS17 Sponge D Extrusion Self Adhesive Backed

TSEC-KRS17 Sponge D Extrusion Self Adhesive Backed

Our sponge rubber D section has a self adhesive backing. Neoprene closed cell sponge with hollow centre. Makes and ideal soft D section seal.

Available as a 9mm x 10mm or 13mm x 10mm 

Closed cell neoprene sponge is a type of synthetic rubber material that is commonly used for insulation and cushioning applications. The closed cell structure of the neoprene sponge means that the individual cells are sealed off from each other, preventing the material from absorbing water or other liquids.

Closed cell neoprene sponge has several desirable properties, including excellent resistance to oil, ozone, and weathering. It also has good thermal insulation properties and is often used to insulate pipes, ducts, and other equipment.

In addition, neoprene sponge is known for its cushioning properties, making it a popular material for use in gaskets, seals, and other applications where shock absorption is important. Its durability and resistance to abrasion also make it a good choice for use in high-impact applications.

Often used in the marine environment to create locker seals.

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