Mikalor Supra Heavy Duty Clamps

The Seal Extrusion company now offering from stock the Mikalore High Pressure W2 Hose clamps, currently stocking 23-25mm, 47-51mm & 59-63mm but full range from 17mm to 395mm is available as well.

Mikalor Clamps: The Mikalor brand has been synonymous with the highest quality heavy duty clamps since the origins of the group. Precision engineered is Spain to DIN 3017, Mikalor clamps are manufactured under the following quality systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO TS 16949. The world’s favourite heavy duty clamp.

MIKALOR CLAMP S/S & STEEL W2 - HIGH PRESSURE CLAMPS — The Seal Extrusion Company LTD (sealextrusions.com)

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