Recent tensile testing of JCS clamps shows that virtually the whole product range can withstand forces of over a tonne or more.


The rigorous testing of our clamps is an important element in ensuring quality and guaranteeing that JCS products will never let our many customers down.

We carry out much of our testing in-house but also take our products to external independent testing companies to be put through their paces.

A recent example of this was a series of tensile tests carried by Great Yarmouth-based Independent Lifting Services Limited who tested a selection of our clamps to destruction.

Tensile strength testing refers to the capacity of a product to withstand forces pulling the clamp apart. For these tests the clamps were hand-tightened down on to two semi-circular steel mandrels and were then pulled apart.

RESULTS OF TESTING Two of our HTJ100 316 stainless steel clamps recorded breaking figures of 1.76 and 1.73 tonnes while the two marine HTM160 clamps that were tested posted breaking figures of 1.96 and 1.93 tonnes. Most clamps eventually failed through a band snap at the first perforation.

Tests on our range of tamtorque tamper proof clamps showed breaking points of between 1.66 tonnes (TTK100) and 1.8 tonnes (TTK160).

Even our standard M6 P clips reached and impressive 530kg before breaking through failure by elongation and snap of the fixing hole.



What these tests show is that our core range of clamps can withstand tensions well in excess of what they are required to do. They provide reassurance to users who are increasingly employing our clamps to hold in place heavy signage or to secure weighty equipment such as CCTV camera or other security devices.

Of course, none of these separate pieces of apparatus will weigh anything near a tonne and we do not recommend that people try to push our clamps to their optimum limit, but the test results offer evidence that our clamps are strong enough to carry out all jobs that they can reasonably be asked to do.

If you would like to know more about the test results or would like to discuss how the JCS range can benefit you, then please contact us on +44 (0)01787 827070 or email sales@sealextrusions.co.uk

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